i will never understand teenage boys ever because a boy in my gym class said he would feel uncomfortable if there was a gay guy in the change room with them and not even 5 minutes later he tried to shove a hockey stick up his friends ass

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actionables replied to your post: “i deleted that post that was really unfair of me i’m just glad nobody…”:

what post

it was nothing i was reading too much into something that was none of my business

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my lamp started flickering for no reason now i’m up at 4am

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defilak yelled: just a reminder when we destroyed you




Weren’t you the one who was complaining about me “harassing” you? Why are you still sending me messages Ellie? Now you’re just being sad.

Edit: seriously though go away ellie, everything you send me will go in my receipts tag and remember, sometimes you have to watch what you say on the internet, or else it might come back to bite you in the ass.

this is so funny i love how harassing is in quotation marks, as if you didn’t harass her for two days straight about something she couldn’t control

hey unity remember when you messily tried to remake under a different url that was in your possession with an icon from the same show as your previous url’s and you tried to catfish us with pictures of clannyphantom


i deleted that post that was really unfair of me i’m just glad nobody else reblogged it

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Naomi Campbell guest starring on Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990)

Wtf this happened?

Tracey EminI Think it’s in My Head2002
The signs’ deepest needs

Aries - Action
Taurus - Comfort 
Gemini - Communication 
Cancer - Nurturer 
Leo - Elation
Virgo - Production
Libra - Harmony
Scorpio - Transformation
Sagittarius - Adventure
Capricorn - Management 
Aquarius - Knowledge
Pisces - Understanding

(Source: zodiac--signs)

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HELP!!! MISSING PERSON!!! If you live in the Liverpool area please help us! Our friend Abbie Sadler has gone missing it’s been 12 hours since she disappeared from a friends house last night after playing a show. If anyone has seen her please contact me or the police! She was ment to be returning to leicester today and her family and friends are very very worried!!! Please share!!

Local police have been notified. Please spread this round. She was last seen with her band (Child Actors) after playing a house show.

Taken from MANTRAS zine
This zine is a culmination of how i got myself thru/still getting myself thru things and also things that i love and things that make me happy, mostly Stevie Nicks. I hope i don’t come off as someone who has her shit together, most of this zine is me yelling at myself and it’s really difficult to follow the directions that i give to myself, like “TAKE WHAT’S YOURS” and “DON’T HIDE!” it’s very difficult and on most days i don’t follow these directions and i fail completely. But i still yell at myself because it’s necessary that i always have these things etched in me so i have something to hold on to when shit hits the fan. - Fabiola